Smart phones are the new laptops these days. All the functionalities and capabilities of laptops are now available in your handheld devices. Well, almost all. The only exception being the memory or the storage capacity. Memory shortage is always a problem with avid smart phone users who need to fit in their pictures, videos, documents, apps, games etc. all into the tiny storage capacity of the smart phone. If you are one of those people, this article can help you save considerable amount of storage on your device.

Fortunately, you can now reduce the size of your images and photos in your smart phone by up to 90% with the free online image compression tool – www.compress.photos. We understand that with camera quality improving with each generation of phones, photos can take up a major fraction of the storage, if not all. The HD quality photos can be quite heavy to store and not clicking photos or not keeping them in your mobile photo gallery is not an option. The only solution we see is to compress these photos without any visible quality loss and enjoy them in your smart phone whenever required.

Just visit www.compress.photos and compress them for free without any visible quality loss. The compressed photos will be significantly smaller in size than the original ones and hence, you will save a lot of space they were taking up and will also be able to store more photos in the same memory size. Rest assured, you will not feel even the slightest difference in the quality of the original and compressed photos. You can also visit www.compress.photos through your smart phone and upload the photos directly and download the compressed ones to your photo gallery.

The tool is way better solution to your low memory problems than deleting photos or copying them to your computer and not being able to see them whenever you want. There is no limitation as of now to how many photos you can compress on the website, and it’s absolutely free. So keep compressing and enjoy your same quality images at a fraction of the original size.

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